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Cellular Communication/Notification

Vallance Security Systems offers cellular communication/notification to all customers. For customers who have a DMP System see below. For customers who do not have a DMP System, we can offer you this service depending on your control panel.


turn on sprinklers

For customers with the DMP System connected to the network, cellular, or network with cellular backup, Vallance Security Systems offers Z-Wave devices to control the following examples listed below. This is not an all-inclusive list. 

•  Turn appliances on/off

•  Turn on/off or dim lights

•  Lock/unlock keyless entry door locks

•  Control temperature and fan settings on your thermostats

•  Turn your security system on/off

•  Change your security system codes

•  View your security system cameras

Arm Your HomeMobile users can take remote control of their Z-Wave devices via a cell phone or other mobile device using either of the two DMP mobile platforms; MyAccess and the Virtual Keypad.

MyAccess makes it possible to send commands and receive alerts from any text-capable phone. There’s nothing to download or set up. Using MyAccess is a simple as texting the message “Lock Front Door.” System alarms and alerts are also received via text message.

The Virtual Keypad app is downloaded to a smartphone or mobile device. It provides all the functions of the security system keypad right on the mobile device. The app also features the local temperature based on the ZIP code.

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